Sleeptite CEO, Cameron van den Dungen, grew up in a sleep-focused world filled with beds and mattresses.

His family has had touch points with the Aged Care industry for nearly 60 years:



Petronella van den Dungen provides private around-the-clock care for older Australians through a number of private Aged Care homes in Toorak, Malvern and St Kilda over the next 27 years.



Petronella’s eldest son, Henk van den Dungen, joins the bedding department at Myer Lonsdale Street where he works for the next 23 years, ultimately becoming the Sales Manager.



Henk leaves Myer to become Sales Manager for Sealy of Australia



Henk becomes one of the founding members of Forty Winks Franchising – now one of Australia’s leading retail bedroom specialists – and Petronella joins him in their first business, Forty Winks Dandenong, which they co-owned with Rod Andrews. The partnership continued to grow opening new stores in Glen Waverly and Clayton.



Henk and Petronella take full ownership of Forty Winks Glen Waverly, later expanding to a second Forty Winks store in Camberwell.



The family business consolidates and relocates to one large store in Hawthorn, where it remains to this day, trading as Forty Winks Hawthorn on Burwood Road.



Henk’s son, Cameron van den Dungen, joins Forty Winks after a career in advertising, becoming the third generation to join the family business.



Henk and Cameron launch Australia’s first Ultra-Premium Bedding Showroom providing high end, luxury furniture and mattresses to Australian consumers for the first time.




Cameron starts to investigate new technology and how this can be incorporated into the bedding industry - setting the family on a new path with a new goal in mind - improving the wellbeing and health outcomes for Australians of all ages through innovative technologies.



Cameron, together with the Physiology Department of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), attempt to scientifically answer the question of what is the ‘perfect mattress’ for each different type of athlete. A lack of appropriate technology makes the research challenging…



Cameron expands his connections and contacts with international companies that are experimenting with advanced biometric data monitoring.



Taking inspiration and advice from several of these companies an idea of using technology to assist with the monitoring of movements of Aged Care residents through the night is developed. Sleeptite is founded.




The Sleeptite program is picked up as one of only a handful of projects that the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) will advise and support through their industry engagement initiative.



The Australian Government throws its support behind Sleeptite, awarding the company a three-year CRC-P grant, through the Cooperative Research Centre’s funding program.


RMIT University and Sleepeezee Australia join Sleeptite as Program Partners – closing the gap between idea and execution.


Plus, we’ll all grow old one day won’t we?