Australia is on the verge of a crisis in the care of its elderly. There is an increased need for Aged Care workers, yet currently there is no cost-effective way of properly supervising and monitoring Aged Care residents - especially at night.

Higher patient-to-nurse ratios are keenly associated with an increased risk of falls, many of which go un-noticed or un-attended overnight due to the lack of sophisticated monitoring technology to aid nurses in their work and or alert additional staff in a time of need.


The Technology

By using the most cutting-edge technology, research and industry experts from Australia and around the world, Sleeptite is developing new non-invasive technologies with integrated sensor capabilities to provide Real-Time Biometric Analysis of data through a complementary interface.

Providing simultaneous monitoring of user’s vital signs with data easily displayed and monitored remotely, Sleeptite will improve the health outcomes for older Australians through faster response times and personalised health care.



The Sleeptite program is designed to provide nurses, carers and facility managers greater insight into the real time health and wellbeing of each and every patient within their care. Alerting them to movements or potential areas for concern before they even arrive in the room, or in some instances without the patient even being aware.

Furthermore the program is designed to increase the peace of mind for the families and loved ones of the resident – so they too can sleep tight, knowing that the highest level of monitoring is continued at all times.



We believe that Australia’s aging population deserve the best care that money can buy, and it is becoming increasingly essential to adapt the current health system to longer lifespans and maximise health and wellbeing outcomes at all ages.

By installing the Sleeptite Program in your facility or home you can help us become the global standard for non-invasive, medical grade, sleep monitoring, while ensuring those in your care are receiving the best health care possible.



As a global university of technology, design and enterprise - RMIT brings unique capabilities to research through a trans-disciplinary approach.

Their academic expertise, strong links to research partners, and consideration of technological and social dimensions enables them to find solutions to critical problems impacting communities and the environment.

Contributing academic and research resources, RMIT is the primary research body undertaking concept, research, design and development activities in collaboration with Sleeptite and Hexoskin.

With a proven track record in commercialising technology through advanced manufacturing techniques, Melbourne based company Sleepeezee has a global team at their disposal with expertise in machinery design, manufacture and ultimately import and export arrangements.

Sleepeezee will assist in the design process of the Sleeptite program before developing and manufacturing the final product engaging with other manufactures and equipment providers along the way.