In Australia, the number of people aged 65 and over is projected to more than double over the next 40 years.

The most pressing challenge facing the aged care industry is the availability of suitably trained health care professionals and nurses. Additionally, nurse-to-patient ratios have been related to increased numbers of falls.


The Technology

Sleeptite is developing flexible proximity sensors that will be embedded into bedding material and help monitor older people in a non-invasively manner while providing real-time biometric analysis of their health and sleep through an external interface.

The aim is to ensure the user is safe throughout the night while receiving the best sleep possible.



The Sleeptite sensors will be used as a tool for nurses and carers to help alert when a resident’s health is in danger (whether this danger is related to falling out of bed, respiratory issues or abnormal vital signs).

Sleeptite will help improve the health outcomes of the user through faster response times and personalised care.



In Australia, it is becoming increasingly essential to adapt and update the current health and aged care system to maximise health and wellbeing outcomes at all ages.

If your aged care facility wishes to sign up to trials of the Program, we would love to have a chat with you. Please get in touch via the contact button below. 



As a global university of technology, design and enterprise - RMIT brings unique capabilities to research through a trans-disciplinary approach.

Their academic expertise, strong links to research partners, and consideration of technological and social dimensions enables them to find solutions to critical problems impacting communities and the environment.

Contributing academic and research resources, RMIT is the primary research body undertaking concept, research, design and development activities in collaboration with Sleeptite.

Melbourne based company Sleepeezee has a global team at their disposal with expertise in machinery design, manufacture and ultimately import and export arrangements.

Sleepeezee will assist in the design process of the Sleeptite CRC-P before developing and manufacturing the final product engaging with other manufactures and equipment providers along the way.